May 12, 2011

The Bank Robbery that Was Foiled By A Wig

This is a great story. A guy named Luis Aparicio, or so he claims, goes into a bank and robs it of $47,000. Upon trying to make his escape with a hostage, the police arrive. He grabs the hostage by the hair. She wiggles out of her wig leaving Aparicio standing there dumbfounded holding a wig. He tries to run, the police shoot and injure him and he goes to jail.

From CBS on the Bank Robbery that was foiled by a wig:
It was a hair’s breadth escape by a woman from a bank robbery suspect in northern New Jersey last week.
An FBI report filed Monday in the criminal complaint against Luis Aparicio claims he tried to rob a Chase Bank branch in Rutherford last Thursday and take a woman hostage, only to be foiled by her wig.
The report said Aparicio entered the bank at about 2 p.m. and held what looked like a gun to the neck of a customer service representative.
“I need the money. Don’t try anything stupid, I know how you operate, just give me all the money,” Aparicio said, according to the report.
As the customer service representative and a manager began to give him about $47,000 from a vault, Aparicio heard sirens, grabbed the woman and said, “You’re coming with me,” according to the report.
Police had arrived by the time Aparicio led her out of the bank, the report said. As he tried to grab her by the hair, she wriggled out of the wig and ran away. Aparicio was then shot and injured by police.
Aparicio, of North Bergen, appeared in federal court in Newark on Monday. He is jailed pending a bail hearing.
The federal public defender representing Aparicio didn’t immediately return a phone message Monday.
1. Luis Aparicio is the name of a Hall of Fame retired baseball player who played with a few teams including the Chicago White Sox. I don't know if this is him or not, but if it is he probably should not be robbing banks at the ripe age of 77. It is rare that a 77 year old would be able to outrun police.

2. The lady was wearing a wig, and was quick enough to realize she could wiggle out of it and get away from him. Not that it matters for the story, but I wonder if this was a religious Jewish woman or if it was someone wearing a wig for other reasons.


  1. The woman was frum, my wife heard it from someone who heard it first hand.

    Pretty sure she was from Pasaic but I could be wrong about that.

  2. also she wasn't the cust svc rep she was a customer. even more hashgacha why she was grabbed and not someone with real hair:

    her daughter was waiting outside, saw police surrounding the building and called her mom's cell repeatedly to tell her to leave the bank.

    so the robber grabbed her saying hey you must be the one who called the police. he picked her up off the floor. only a bit later did he try to further rough her up by pulling her escape-hair.

    moral #1: always wear your sheitl in public
    moral #2: if you're a bank robber don't get distracted by your temper
    moral #3: if your mother doesn't answer the first time, just text her

  3. Yep, it's an Orthodox woman. And the sheitel is now locked up as evidence!


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