May 16, 2011

Update on the Israeli Boys in the Japanese Jail

The Boys In The Japanese Jail
Today, the appeal for Yaakov Yosef Greenwald was heard. Greenwald is one of the three boys arrested in Japan after being caught smuggling drugs.

The three were mules for someone else, their kindness and naivety used to take advantage of them. They were caught, they went to jail in Japan, and have spent a few years in jail in Japan. One of the three has since been moved to a jail in Israel, and was eventually pardoned.

The Appeal
The family, and Greenwald himself, along with the askanim helping him, were all very optimistic about the appeal and expected to be released.

The Verdict
Unfortunately, today the appeal was heard and decided upon. the judge in Tokyo ruled and rejected the appeal. Greenwald must remain another two years in jail in Japan. (source: Bechadrei)


  1. so, what new tragedy is "guaranteed" to hit Japan next, since they didn't learn their lesson with the earthquake/tsunami?

  2. We all will have to wait and see. I also expect something to happen, unless the admission that there WAS a meltdown already 16 hrs after quake and the mat of radiation will eliminate half their population.


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