May 30, 2011

Thomas Friedman On What Netanyahu's Response To Obama Should Have Been (video)

Thomas Friedman always believes that when the US says "jump", everyone, especially Israel, must simply ask "how high". According to Friedman, nobody, especially Israel, has a right to have interests beyond what the United States says. And that's even when the command "jump" has already been followed through unsuccessfully.


  1. The only reason that saying "Barack Obama, this Bud's for you" in Congress would have gotten a standing ovation would be because most member of Congress would have recognized it for what it is - a not-so-veiled jab at Obama's ridiculous "beer summit".

  2. actually adon friedman thinks that countries should ask "how high" when he tells them jump.

  3. actually i can't bring myself to watch the video of that *&*^*))

  4. Just imagine his topic changing a little, like "when the principal says don't go to the police...." He could lead that dying movement too.


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