May 18, 2011

The Maccabeats At The WhiteHouse for American Jewish Heritage Month Ceremony (video)

US President Barak Obama held a reception in the White House yesterday in honor of American Jewish Heritage Month. American Jewish Heritage Month, being in May, pays tribute to the American Jews through the history of America that have helped form the fabric of American history, culture and society.

President Obama held a reception yesterday recognizing Jewish Americans in the arts, science, the military, business and industry, and in public and community service. In attendence were Jewish community leaders and members of Congress, along with stars like Judy Blume and Sandy Koufax, along with Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren, among others.

President Obama said a few words:

As part of the entertainment, the Maccabeats were invited to sing a couple of songs. I have not found a better clip than this yet, though I am sure an official clip will soon be made available. Enjoy this clip for now:

and here is another, a song written just for President Obama:



    obama and the maccabeats

  2. The Maccabeats, themselves, refuse (as per their Facebook page) to post an official video. They say the President's staff asked them not to. The request and the Maccabeats decision, both, I find unfortunate.


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