May 17, 2011

The Hummus Primary

The hummus/chumus war is spreading to more universities. It started out at Princeton and has "spread" since.

The latest battlefield for the hummus wars is De Paul University.

According to NBC Chicago:
Snack spreads may not sound like typical referendum fodder, but DePaul University students say voting on which hummus the school serves on campus is a matter of human rights.
The school's Student Government Association has allowed a campus-wide referendum asking students if Sabra hummus should be removed from DePaul dining halls.
The vote came to fruition after the campus' Students for Justice in Palestine complained about Sabra's parent company, the Strauss Group, which they say gives money and supplies to two Israeli military brigades involved in human rights violations.
The referendum asks students, "Are you in favor of replacing Sabra with an alternative brand of hummus?" and is the first student referendum on a SGA ballot in at least 10 years.
Students began voting Monday and will continue until the end of the week as part of the school's general elections.
chumus or hummus?
 that should be the real hummus war 
Depending on the results of the voting in this referendum, chumus will announce a decision regarding the possibility of running in the upcoming elections for president of the United States.

Obviously, chumus would run on the Republican ticket, now that Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee have officially announced they would not be running, leaving the field wide open, even for a tub of chumus.


  1. Chumus has to be natural-born citizen of the US.

  2. benji - did you see my latest post about the falafel ball?


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