May 29, 2011

Meet The First Haredi Yeshiva Football (soccer) Team

This is definitely unusual. A haredi yeshiva in Jerusalem has founded a youth soccer team that will compete in the city league and tournaments.

Mynet reports that Yeshivas Darchei Torah of Jerusalem, founded a few years ago by Rabbi Yoni Yisrael, for the purpose of learning while training the boys in vocational skills, has founded a soccer team. The team has been practicing for a city-wide tournament starting next week. As Mynet says, the team players wear their black yarmulkes, tzitzis and peyos, and have the support of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer team.

The rosh yeshiva says he decided to do this because the yeshiva boys love following the Beitar Jerusalem team. They founded the team and were put in contact with the fitness administrator of the youth department of Beitar Jerusalem  He began training them, and they have developed a special relationship. They have even been allowed to train on the teams home field, and the team has considered donating equipment to the youth team. The trainer says these boys show more respect for the trainer than the average teams.


  1. in the old days any educational facility that called itself a yeshiva while also including vocational training would have found itself on the "cherem list" before you could say "torah im derech eretz".

  2. On a scale of 1 through 10, how "bad for shidduchim" is this?


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