May 19, 2011

Rabbi Competes On Jeopardy (video)

Rabbi Competes On Jeopardy
Interestingly, a female Conservative rabbi, Rabbi Joyce Newmark from Teaneck, NJ synagogue Congregation Beth Shalom, was a contestant on Jeopardy a couple days ago. Actually, she was a contestant on the show in February, but it only aired on television this week.

Rabbi Joyce Newmark won $29,200 on the show, winning the episode and coming back for a second appearance the next day. Rabbi Jason and the JTA have more of the story. She says her being a rabbi did not really help her overall, but there was one bible related question, though a different contestant was faster on the buzzer, so she did not get to answer it.

Here is a clip from the 2nd day of competition, where Alex Trebek talks to her about what it is like being a female rabbi. With her response she proves herself to have a witty sense of humor.

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