May 15, 2011

Syria Attacking Israel

Syria has threatened to attack Israel if Israel will continue shooting at those crossing the border from Syria into Israel.

It seems like:

  1. The Syrian government reserves the right to shoot at its residents, and does not allow anyone else to. 
  2. This should already be treated as a Syrian attack, as thousands of people are crossing the Syrian border into Israeli territory, and Israel should respond in kind.
  3. All these Arabs seem to really dislike their own countries, as they all seem to prefer to flee to Israel.
  4. I don't know what the end result of all this will be, and there probably isn't anybody who does, but it is most likely that the Middle East tomorrow will not look the same as today..


  1. I would also suggest this is a good way for the Syrian gov. to distract its citizens from the bloodshed they are perpetrating within their borders.

  2. So soon the Damascus prophecy?
    And we see from Isaiah 17 that the OUTCOME of these attacks will not be acceptable to the muzzies either...oy, can't nuke 'em; can't live with them either.


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