May 17, 2011

Interesting Posts #267

1. Congrats to the new Jewish/Israeli Mayor of Chicago

2. Will There be A pesach Sheni Korban Tomorrow?

3. Saving A Sefer Torah

4. How Not To Apologize

5. Circuses And Kosher Food


  1. Thanks for the link to Somehowfrum. I see he has another post on the banning or non banning of the weekly mags. Do you have any info on whether this ban is real or was rescinded?

  2. they are fighting about ti every day. the yated today printed letters again againstt the weeklies. they still included Rav Nissim Karelitz's original letter, that he subsequently rescinded.

  3. Why is there no word of this ban in USA?

  4. I dont know but my guess would be that it is because it isnt really relevant in the US> It is the Israeli Yated fighting this battle, and they have no connection to American Yated.
    Plus, in the US, the Yated is also a weekly. Are they going to fight to ban their own paper?

  5. It seems though, that in the past, the American Gedolim fall into line with their Israeli counterparts. Here there is only silence. That is the strange aspect of all this.

  6. sorry, why are weeklies evil but dailies not? Doesn't anyone care about making any sense anymore?

  7. "weeklies" is just a category to bundle all the competitors into, as they are the only real competition, and there are no other dailies falling into similar situation. Hamodia hebrew is a daily but they are like Yated as far as rabbinical guidance. Hamevaser as well, though Yated tried to ban them when they first opened.
    The weeklies operate commpletely different. they are not party affiliated papers. Though they have rabbinical boards approving content and style, they are not beholden to a party and to that parties gedolim. So the Yated can attack the weeklies.

  8. and if you think I am being cynical, see this link:

    rav shteinman refused to sign the letter.
    others refused saying the mishpacha is for baalei batim and not avreichim, hence the difference in style and content.

    many rosh yeshivas and rabbonim refused to sign saying the Yated's letter is motivated by business purposes and not for a tahor concern.


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