May 22, 2011

Netanyahu Obama Joint Press Conference (video)

In a joint press conference, PM Benjamin Netanyahu responds to president Obama by saying Israel will not return to the 1967 border, as these borders are indefensible. Despite that, the Palestinians should return to negotiations as all problems can be resolved, including the refugee problem.

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  1. It is clear, as we approach the presidential election and the removal of Obama from the White House, that his allegiance lies with Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. He is the second president in US history to turn his back on Israel. Jimmy Carter holds the honor of being the first to leave Israel hanging in the wind. There will be no peace between Israel and the Palestinians. And Israel is to be admired for its restraint and patience instead of responding to Hamas' daily volleys of rockets into southern Israel. Netanyahu knows Obama will not support his country. But, as God's chosen people, I believe Israel is quite capable of defending itself from the Islamic madmen. Israel's attack on Iran is imminent.


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