May 23, 2011

Gene Simmons Slams President Obama's Israel Policy (video)

Gene Simmons from KISS, who is originally Israeli by birth, slams Obama's recent statements.

I love him. he is great, the way he just says everything that is on his mind..


  1. Who doesn't like what he had to say? But I don't like it when rock n' roll and movie stars are taken as an authorities on these things any more than you and I are. What, because he can play a guitar or sing, that makes him a Middle East expert, political and military strategist? Why aren't they interviewing my washing machine repair man for his opinion?

  2. I agree. I still like what he said and especially how he said it. I was really expecting comments about how he says Obama doesnt know what he is talking about then he calls Netanyahu President netanyahu, and he talks about Entebbe but seems unsure of what he is saying..


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