Nov 5, 2018

Israelis: Have you read the Talmud? (video)

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  1. The frustrating thing with this question, is that it is incorrect. Whilst the answer would be the same, the Gemara is learnt not read like a book or newspaper. For me this indicates a even greater ignorance of what the talmud is. (rant over).

    1. True, which is why at the end of the video he showed a picture of a complete Shas, I think that the person that submitted the question thinks of the Talmud as a book similar to the Bible or Koran that you can pick up and read cover-to-cover within a few weeks or months.

      But I think he made the point by showing that the overwhelming majority of secular Jews he asked replied "no", and all the religious Jews he asked said that they have read (or learnt) part of the Talmud and aspire to complete it.
      He should have asked them how much time they spent, I am sure that whoever submitted the the question would be surprised to here that most religious Jews have spent several hours a day over a period of several years studying Talmud, and have only learnt a small part.

  2. It's, of course, obvious that the interviewees are almost completely ignorant of any Jewish study; but, this interviewer has shown by all of his videos his ignorance of Judaism. Anyone who knows even a smidgen of Jewish learning would never ask someone if he 'read' the Talmud. Duh!


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