Nov 5, 2018

Quote of the Day

Even though you are secular, you should know that Hashem loves you, but only if you choose a God fearing mayor in these elections...

  -- Rav Shalom Cohen, spiritual leader of Shas, regarding the second round of voting in the Tzfat mayora election, encouraging even secular voters to elect Nachman Gelbach.

I love it. God loves you, but only if you vote for the guy we want. If not you are probably destined for an afterlife of a toilet like the infidels in Bet Shemesh

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  1. This is all basic parsha.

    What did the generation of the flood do that merited them being wiped out?

    They didn't vote for Shas.

    Why is Noach referred to as a tzaddik in his generation?

    Although he was great because he was haredi he didn't belong to Shas.

    Hashem couldn't stop the the building of the tower of Bavel because the people were united. How did he get the building to stop?

    He appointed Degel, Agudah and Shas as equal partners as head of the building committee.


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