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May 16, 2007

Final round of JIBs voting has begun!

Voting in the final round of the JIBs has begun. Check it out and go vote for your favorite blogs.

I am a finalist in two categories. Go vote for me in Best Slice of Life in Israel category and
Best Small Blog category

This post will be sticky (under the Omer post). So make sure you continue to scroll down for newer posts. The Omer is still more important than the JIBs, so it keeps the top spot.


  1. Rafi, I have just gone to vote for you in both categories. Not just because I like you (that too) but because it is well deserved. Good luck!

  2. Got you one closer in both categories, hatzlacha.

  3. You got both my votes good luck you are doing well.

  4. Good Luck Rafi.

    Shalom Aaron
    Visit: Mr bagel


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