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May 13, 2007

grave of Chana located based on dream

It seems that there was a divinely inspired finding of an old grave recently.

No, I am not referring to the grave site of King Herod that was recently found.

I am referring to the grave of Chana, the mother of Nabi Samuel, a.k.a Shmuel Ha'Navi.

The only witnesses to the story are a group of men who witnessed the last half of the story. The first half remains uncorroborated and is only based on the two women involved in the story. You can be skeptical or you can accept it.

Two separate women, unknown to each other at the time, each had a dream. In the dream a woman appeared and claimed to be Chana, the mother of Shmuel Ha'Navi. She told these women, each in her dream, that she is also buried in the same grave site as her son, Shmuel. She then gave the women signs of exactly where in the grave site she is buried, indicating certain stones.

The two women, each on her own, each still not knowing about the other, went to the grave site of Shmuel Ha'Navi. They met at the grave as they were searching for the stones from the dream. They met up with each other and were shocked to find that they both had the same exact dream.

There is a group of avreichim who learn in the complex of the grave site who witnessed this meeting of the women. They decided to help search for the grave of Chana looking for the stones indicated in the dreams.

The story goes that they found the exact stones described in the dream, and assume that Chana is buried beneath them.

The women said that Chana, in the dream, said that women who have not been blessed with children should come to daven at her grave and she would (as an intermediary to Hashem) bring them salvation.


  1. Will archaeologists be studying this site as well? (I realize it is already 'excavated') In any case, it will be nice to see some attention given to the sites of the mothers...

  2. I have no idea.
    I do not know how much credence is given to something based on a dream. in the religious world, let alone in the secular, archaeological world.

    1. Has the site been marked? If one goes to kever Shmuel is it indicated where these stones are as the burial place of Chana? Thanks

  3. who cares, cool! if it is true, its a really cool story. and i dont become a heretic if i believe the story, so why not? cool!

  4. It is kind of cool. However I have always believed in having the ability to "go direct" in my davening.

  5. it is cool.
    and jack, goign direct is great. But sometimes that extra boost helps. and also one does not necessarily need to go to these places for the purpose of prayer, but they are interesting on their own as historical sites as well.

  6. Awesome!
    (I'm just curious about why no other news sources reported on this.
    How could they have missed it?)

  7. dont know. even in the mishpacha where I saw it, it was only a small blurb....


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