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May 31, 2007

Lecha spoofs (videos)

Remember the original David Lavon music video of his and his Yeshiva buddies dancing to YBC music that tied up all the Internet bandwidth in February 2006? Well, now there is a spoof of his music video... It is pretty funny. I will post the spoof and under it the original for comparison...

and the original...


  1. both great videos I think I like the spoof better. I wouldn't be able to tell which was the original and the spoof if you didn't say.

  2. When do they learn? And parents are spending around $20K for this???

  3. Dear anonymous: I don't know about the second video, but the original claimed to be made during bein hazmanim, which it was, hence so many of the scenes being in the USA and England. So chill out with your righteous indignation, alright?

    Obviously, the first was better in all respects. DL is actually a talented acrobat, as opposed to other guy, who was doing a pretty bad job of imitating him. And of course it was less a "spoof" than a remake, so it didn't take much creativity at all.


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