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May 29, 2007

Helping Sderot

The non-profit organization Standing Together has put together a program to help Sderot. They are collaborating with communities around Israel to order challah, rugelach and burekas for this coming shabbos from the bakery in Sderot.

Orders of challah, rugelach or burekas can be made and paid for in Beit Shemesh (02 999-2805), Ramat Beit Shemesh (02 999-0956), Neve Daniel (02 993 1149), Efrat (052-698-6119 or 02 993-2396) and Elazar (057-761-4246). To become a representative for the project or for more information, call David Landau at 050-5580822 or email standingtogether@gmail.com.

If you like the project, contact them to get your community added to the list.

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