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May 1, 2007

trying to raise a citron

And life goes on...
Olmert thinks this is the only way he can muster up support. The day after the Winograd Report, with the whole political spectrum calling for his resignation, and what is his first move? To announce his intentions to dismantle a settlement. He must figure that by doing so he can get the "esrog" treatment Sharon was given by the Left-wing politicians and media.

Fortunately it is too little too late. There is no way this little gesture to the Left will save him. He is trying though. Watch out, in case he does not resign or get bounced in the immediate future, for plans for a major disengagement (rather than just this little token one). he will need a major one to get the Left on his side.


  1. Ariel Sharon created the esrog treatment. He was coming under a lot of pressure from investigations and whatnot. He then came up with the disengagement plan and was given the esrog treatment by the media. Meaning they treated him like an esrog where they wrapped him in soft protective cover and were careful to protect him.
    The idea is that bty becoming the darling of the Left and filling their agenda, they offer protection.
    The media admitted to it and it has come up in discussion often in the media whether it was right or wrong.


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