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May 22, 2007

Headline of the Day (hotd)

15:00 Hamas: Any harm to Haniyeh would mean change in rules of the game (Reuters)

background: Israel has been, in an attempt to scare Hamas leaders to stop or at least lessen the shooting of Kassam rockets into Israel, threatening that even Hamas leaders such as Haniyeh and Meshaal are included in the IDf targets.

I am not sure what game they are referring to. I was not aware we are involved in a game. Is that what they consider this whole thing - a game?

Nor am I quite sure what the existing rules are that any harm to Haniyeh would change those rules. Are they the rules that say that they can harm and kill Israelis but we cannot harm and kill them?
Have they not attempted to harm Israeli leaders? Just last week one Arab from Gaza was arrested and admitted to having been involved in an assassination attempt on Olmert. They can try to kill our leaders but we cannot do so to theirs?


  1. That is completely laughable. Hard to say you're changing the "rules" when you've never abided by any to begin with.

    And yes, "game" is an interesting choice of words...to say the least.

  2. it is all about posturing for the international opinion. he is just putting the responsiblity on israel (which of course is ridiculous.)

    i heard something ridiculous on the radion yesterday. the air force destroyed the home of some big hamasnik. 8 were killed but he was not home because he busytruing to "foster peace" between hamas and fatah. so essentially israel was trying to take out a "peacemaker."

    on a differnt matter, i responded to your comment on hirhurim about akdamut:

    you, of course, are the most honest one in this thread. (i assume your shul in rbs does not use the rinat yisrael or koren siddurim, but they do have hebrew translations of akdamut.)

  3. ari - interesting point. I did not hear that spin on the story about him being out trying to fister peace....

    about akdamus, the translations don't help if people don't read them.. :-). It is really an insignificant paret of davening and most people just wish the baal korei would read it faster to get it over with quicker.... I actually tried preparing for akdamus this year and was spending part of shvuos night reading a translation/commentary on it. It was so boring I found myself dozing off a few times before I gave it up...


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