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May 13, 2007

MBD in cherem?

I don't know what this is about, but according to the letter from the Beis Din, Mordechai Ben-David (Werdyger) (yes, him. The popular Hassidic singer) is in trouble with Beis Din.

According to the minimal details in the letter (for those of you who do not understand the Hebrew), he has sued in secular court and not in Beis Din, as the halacha requires, and failed to obtain the necessary permission to go to the secular courts.

The letter goes on and says he was called to Beis Din 3 times and has refused to appear before them. He is therefore in cherem and is a rasha and should not be allowed to participate in any holy activity, until he recants and appears before Beis Din and resolves the issues according to halacha.

I do not know what this is about. Any of you readers know?


  1. maybe something to do with that business his son was accused of a few years ago?

  2. don't know. No reason to suspect that. That was very hush hush. Nobody wanted to leak that story because it was so bad it would make the religious community look horrible... I doubt this has anything to do with that, but don't know.

  3. http://life-of-rubin.blogspot.com/2007/01/mordechai-bein-david-fights-against.html

  4. NIRC - yes, I have heard that this is connected to that lawsuit. If the rumor I heard is true, it seems MBD went to the secular courts to sue Gal Paz.

  5. Anyone know anything about the beis din involved ? I don't recognize the name.

    Who is on it, who is it affiliated with ?

  6. the av beis din is Rav Zaks from Mattesdorf. He used to be affiliated with te Badatz Eidah Chareidis. They are a very popular beis din nowadays..

    but it does not really matter. The general halacha is (I do not know all the details) that when suing in beis din, the defendant being sued gets to choose the beis din, so if Gal Paz chose that one, they have full authority

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. itzhak - that was a good idea and I changed the image based on your recommendation. Thank you

  9. Thanks - also at this point pls take down my original comment - best not to draw any attention to the potential problem now that you have corrected it.

    (I have reason to be paranoid when it comes to identity theft :)).

  10. So much for the entire seruv.

    I am in possession of documents which show that the din torah referred to is completely against halacha, but that nevertheless he is willing to submit to a din torah in the US. A full article regarding this will appear on the Frumspace main page after Yom Tov.

  11. there were three new letters posted, that I am aware of. I posted one of them here from the beis din in America. The others say basically the same thing in other words, so I only posted one of them.
    Hopefully the story is over....


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