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May 24, 2007

jpix 8 - Eretz Yisrael edition

Spring is in the air. There were a number of posts with pictures showing the beauty of spring. I think the largest percentage of posts were on that topic, though I was too lazy to actually count it. I was going to call this the Spring Edition because of those posts. I then decided that the Eretz Yisrael posts win out, as Eretz Yisrael topics are always more important... so I called this the Eretz Yisrael edition.. enjoy the posts - all of them, the eretz yisrael posts, the spring posts and the rest of them....

Eretz Yisrael
Cosmic X's son went to Meron on Lag B'Omer and is making me hungry.

muse went walking instead of swimming.

muse then takes us on tour of Nachla'ot, Jerusalem in honor of Yom Yerushalayim.

ari kinsberg remembers his visit to Kever Yosef, from the time one could go without having to wait for a 2 am bus...

and tnspr569 tells us about his trip with me to the Shomron, trying to get into Kever Yosef.

Ben-Yehudah points out what he sees as the latest Nissan advertisement.

Jacob has 585 pictures (yes, 585. that was not a typo) of the Jerusalem Day Parade and the Jerusalem Flag March.

Cosmic X continues showing us the progress of the new Jerusalem Calatrava Bridge.

Evan took a hike Above Tsfat and then shows us Tsfatas well. He also shows us Yom Yerushalayim.

Sarah presents Big Signs from her last trip to the US. They are from Universal City Walk, which is always a fun place to go

frumhouse took a walk with her child and presents West Rogers Park in Bloom. Enjoy all the beautiful flowers!

Barbara presents a pictorial essay by her kids...called DID YOU KNOW? .

I don't know what a Dogwood is, but A Simple Jew presents Black & White Picture Of The Week - Dogwood In Bloom.

Irina notices she is Surrounded by Beauty and takes some time off of her routine to show us some of the beautiful images...

David from Temunot presents some cute pictures his daughters drew for Mother's Day.

Sarah gives us an interesting perspective of light in Still Life: Marvellous Marbles.

frumhouse at Little Frumhouse on the Prairie brings us a batch of Chick Pics.

SWFM shows us a whole bunch of loony pics and then a few of the sky.

Jacob DaJew went biking with a fellow blogger and posted some video at Frum Satire and Jacob Da Jew Meet!! Then he took his family on a trip to Drummer's Circle in Prospect Park

Baleboosteh shows us images of Life In A Non-Bustling Town...

Baleboosteh gives us two posts with pix of herchildren.

Cosmic X suggests what to do with A Moldy Pita.

A Simple Jew presents Black & White Picture Of The Week - Gerberra Daisy.

Yossi presents Yeshiva in prison.

PerezTime went to The Beach.

Mordechai presents his Picture of the Week.

Tamara talks aboutGriffith Park.

David from Temunot went Back in Time to Plymouth.

Yechiel (Jonny) Stein presents pictures of the Beitar Yerushalayim championship celebration at Gan Sacher.


  1. Thank you Rafi! My children will be delighted!

    Some beautiful pix here!

  2. wonderful job
    thanks for the links

  3. Bravo. Nice job!

  4. Well done Rafi, I'm still working through it, but theres some great photos in this lot of JPix.

    Shalom Aaron
    Visit: Mr Bagel

  5. I didn't make the cut this edition eh? lol, I'm kidding. Great job!

  6. sorry, sara with no H. You are supposed to submit your posts for the carnival. Sometimes the host finds a post and submits it himself, but if you want to make sure you get in to the roundup, make sure you submit your posts... maybe next time

  7. No worries, I'm not upset! I haven't submitted any photos for any edition because I never know when they're coming out. I'm not online as often as I used to be so I just enjoy the show when I do. You really did do a nice job. :D


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