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May 8, 2007

public service must be great!

Working in the public sector must be great! In general, the public sector has a reputation of the salaries being on the low end of average, but the benefits are supposed to be amazing. By "benefits", I refer to sick days, vacation days, bonuses, transportation expenses, maternity leave, etc.

Abraham Hisrchson, the Finance Minister, is under investigation for fraud, embezzlement of public funds, and other nefarious activities. The police have not been able to locate a goog explanation for the source of his money and he has, supposedly, not provided them with any good answers.

The police announced, it was reported in the newspapers, that they will be looking for the source of tremendous amounts of assets in Hirschson's name.
These assets include (but are not limited to):
  • a house in Holland
  • gas stations
  • Swiss bank account
  • plots of land allocated for building, in the Golan Heights and Zichron Yaakov
  • house with land in Ramat Aviv

Hirschson has been a worker in the public sector for the past 40 years. The fact that he was able to accumulate such amazing wealth so as to be able to afford all that (and more), either says a lot for his actions, or a lot for salaries in the public sector.

Olmert has been under investigation for the selling of a number of houses at questionable prices that indicated possible fraud and breach of trust, with the possibility of bribery. Olmert, too, has been a public servant his entire career, and even more so, he is the son of a public servant as well. Where he got the money to purchase million dollar homes, and half million dollar homes, also raises questions.

A while back when Olmert was asked about all the great real-estate deals he has been a part of, his response was, "I have houses just like the average person. Doesn't everybody have property to sell?". I guess the salaries must be really high. He thinks the average Israeli owns similar properties.

Maybe I should move over to work in the public sector!

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