May 22, 2007

MBD out of cherem

Since I wrote about MBD being in cherem, I now have received letters with the "other side of the story".

I do not know the progression of what happened, but after the first letter was published declaring MBD in contempt of Beis Din and in cherem, he went to Beis Din to clear it up. He declard his willingness to go to Beis Din for judgement. While it is not the same Beis Din as the one that published the original letter, and I do not know the details of who gets to choose which beis din, it seems the story is not so simple...

I received three different letters supporting MBD and will post one of them. They all say pretty much the same thing anyway, so one is enough. It is in Hebrew, but basically says he has fulfilled all his obligations as far as beis din is concerned and therefore the original cherem is null and void.

Looks like you can buy MBD cds again...

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