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May 16, 2007

wipe em out, but not today..and hitting back

The residents of Sderot have been under continuous attack from Gaza, but the intensity has increased, with 21 rockets falling yesterday in the area, and more today.

Akiva was IM'ing a friend of his yesterday when a barrage of rockets hits. He posted a transcript of the conversation and included some video footage as well..

A lot of people are criticizing the government for their lack of response to the Kassam rockets. Many even blame the recent Winograd Report for "sandaling" (Hebrew slang for tying their hands) the government. They claim that ever since the Winograd Report was released, the government is afraid to make any moves, let alone a move that would include shooting at our enemy and putting soldiers in harms way. They are afraid they will be subject to another investigation and report condemning them.

I reject such claims. The rockets have been falling on Sderot for years and have increase din intensity for the past year and a half. That is well before the Winograd Report came out and well before the Winograd Commission was ever formed or began asking questions of the politicians. The reason Olmert and Peretz are not defending the State of Israel is because they are incapable of doing so. Not because they are afraid of a new commission of inquiry.

And on that note I will add, that while something clearly needs to be done and Israel is obligated to defend itself, and I think we should wipe Gaza off the map, if need be, I think right now the timing is wrong (it would not have been wrong a year ago or even a week ago, but today it is).

Why do I say that? What about the poor residents of Sderot under attack?

I am not saying it is too dangerous and Israel should not do it. The residents of Sderot deserve our full support and we need to defend them. I just think tactically today is a bad time.


Because right now the Arabs of Gaza are killing each other. Yesterday they killed something like 15 of each other, and so far today another 5. They are, once again, on the brink of civil war. I do not think anyone even knows why they are killing each other. But if we go in now and attack because of the Kassam attacks, we will stop them from killing each other. We will be the source of their unity as they join hands to return to killing Jews. I prefer we give them a few days to kill each other before we send a mass response. A small response (maybe targeted killings or whatnot) might still be in order, but not a large scale response.

Not to worry, as no large scale response is planned anyway.

I also thought of an idea I would like to suggest for the residents fo Sderot (and surrounding areas).

I think it is high time, considering the lack of protection provided by the State, that you took matters into your own hands. It is time for you to get together and acquire some sort of missile or rocket.

Maybe Arkady Gaidamak can be approached to help with the funding. Maybe a fundraising drive among the general Israeli public (I would chip in to it).

You Sderot residents should be buying rockets. Maybe even building your own. I mean, if the third world Arabs in sewage-ridden Gaza City can figure it out, a bunch of smart Jews should be able to, right? It's not exactly rocket science, is it? (actually it is, but that was a joke).

Anyways, once you get a reasonable supply of rockets and missiles, you should start shooting them in the direction of Gaza.

I cannot wait to see the Arabs in shock at your response. I cannot wait to see Terje Larson and Javier Solana in a fit condemning Israel for such rocket attacks on poor PA civilians, after they have ignored the attacks on Israel for so long. And I cannot wait and see the look on the faces of Olmert and Peretz as they have to try to stop you from protecting yourselves.

Heck, I might even come down for a day to help shoot rockets at them.

If the government won't protect you (and us by extension), it is time you did something different.


  1. Maybe the government agrees with your stance.

  2. sbw - do you mean the government is goign to be giving rockets to the residents of Sderot? That would solve the funding problem...
    Oh you mean that is why they are not hitting back? Maybe it is a good reason fro today, but what about for the past 18 months? what about the past 7 years?

  3. Our newspapers here - if they report such attacks at all - always make sure to describe the rockets as "homemade", "rudimentary" or "inaccurate". They totally trivialize any real threat or danger.

    I wonder how they would describe them if they experienced what Akiva's friend Shlomo did?

    Very powerful Rafi.

  4. mizellie - in reality these rockets are rudimentary. They do not do much damage, unless you sustain a direct hit. They are mostly terror weapons. When you have 20 rainging down on your city in a day, and you have no idea where they might land, people get injured, they get traumatized, property gets damaged, etc. Each one on its own is negligible, in a sense, but used as a weapon over time they still need to be dealt with.
    and if they trivialize it like that, if our citizens shot back at Gaza with similarly rudimentary rockets, would the media trivialize it as well?

  5. No of course not. I'm pretty sure the headline would read "Israel rains hundreds of potentially deadly rockets on innocent civilians"

  6. Let's try it and find out.....my daughter actually proposed this a year ago: Sderot residents should fire Kassams back at Gaza. No Eu/UN hypocritical protestations of "disproportional" Israeli response. And they should be fired by Sderotim--then the government in Jerusalem can pull an "PA" and say they are trying to rein in extremist elements but after all, the government can't deny people the right to legitimate self-defense ("resistance" is the Enemy's mantra).....and also turn off the water and electricity. Maybe they'll get the hint and move somewhere else....

  7. Of course, the government will not be giving them rockets. The PA government is not giving the Arab population rockets either. They are fairly simple to put together (start with the old issue - really primitive ones). Just Google Kassam and start building them. The distance from Sderot to their launching sites is the same as from their launching sites to Sderot. May be they should get a taste of their own medicine.


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