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May 7, 2007


Sorry for not posting anything today (other than the HH link). I am felling kinda brain dead and lethargic after Lag B'Omer...


  1. don't blame lag b'omer

  2. That alright. I have 3 fully finished posts sitting on my dashboard, but they are way to gritty for my queeky clean blog. :)

    You could always do what I plan to do when I REALLY have nothing to post. Post a list of rejected postings topic or post titles.

  3. You're entitled Rafi. It will make the anticipation for your next masterpiece that much greater! :-)

  4. sbw - I don't blame Lag B'Omer. It must be the heat. It just happens to be after lag b'omer.. :-)

    Neil - I can't remember the ones I reject. I have a horrib;e memory and once I delete a post it is gone, both from my dashboard and from my mind. But that is a good idea. maybe I will start keeping a list for the future...

    mizellie - awwww, thanks. Now I have to write a really good one. You just made it harder for me.. :-)


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