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May 6, 2007

in minor defense of Olmert

I have been thinking some more of the criticism levelled at Ehud Olmert since the release of the Winograd Report. I would like to clarify something and possibly disagree with what I think is being taken from this whole mess.

I think that the public is beginning to criticize the actual decision to go to war. Thinking back to the rally and some of the articles I have read, it seems to be that the public, or some of it at least, has turned the Winograd Commission's findings into a source of criticizing Olmert for everything.

From what I read of the Winograd Report, the criticism seemed to be of the decision making process and the lack of leadership. I do not think the decision to go to war was criticized. Rather, how that decision was made, and how the war was (mis)managed and the decision making process during the war was faulty.

The fact that we went to war seems to have been necessary and forced upon us. Israeli sovereign territory was attacked, on two fronts (Gaza and Lebanon borders). Israeli soldiers were attacked and abducted, on two fronts (Gaza and Lebanon borders).

That needed a response. No country can take that sitting down and act like nothing happened. Israel had to go to war. Ehud Olmert's decision to go to war, i think, was fine and necessary. That is the minimum a state is obligated to do in such a situation. The basic tenet of any government is to protect its citizens from foreign attack. Had the government stood down and not responded, that would have been even worse, and they would have forfeited their right to call themselves a government.

The problem is the process of making decisions was faulty. Olmert was rash. he was inexperienced and did not have the right advisers. He relied too much on Dan Halutz's opinion. Halutz refused to listen to anybody who said something other than what Halutz wanted to hear. Olmert made decisions without analyzing all options thoroughly. etc. etc. read the Winograd Report for all the things he did wrong.

The initial response, though, was basically correct.


  1. i agree with you. i also think that many people were interested in giving olmert a chance when he started. That being said, the public is saying he is done. He had his chance. We dont want to go to war with you again.
    He really is a fool that he is standing through this. enough already.

  2. I'm quite surprised at how little criticism has been leveled against the previous government who was so busy training soldiers to destroy Jewish houses that they didn't bother to prepare them for the war...

  3. actually it is pointless to, because the mastermind behind it cannotrespond. There has been plenty of criticism, but not recently. Even winograd made reference to it, but stopped for that reason.


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