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May 6, 2007

Lag B'Omer musings

These are some of the things I wonder about on Lag B'Omer:

  1. Do you ever stand around at the bonfire wondering what the point of it really is?
  2. Why is it that only real Yerushalmim know how to celebrate Lag B'Omer around a bonfire while everyone else just looks at it not knowing what to do and feeling kinda silly?
  3. When did Lag B'Omer become a campfire, where after a few minutes of dancing and singing offkey songs that are too long, all we are concerned about is roasting our marshmallows and hotdogs?
  4. Where does all that wood suddenly come from? During the year I never see so much wood around the neighborhood..
  5. Why do we already listen to music at night of Lag B'Omer when the halacha only eases up on the restrictions at earliest on Lag B'Omer day? Is it because the issur on music is not really so assur?
  6. How am I supposed to go to so many events on Lag B'Omer? we have 2 weddings today, a school bonfire, work, and that is already after last night's bonfires.
  7. Who cleans up all the ash and soot around the neighborhood from all the bonfires?
  8. How come I never see kids shooting bows and arrows in the park? When I was a kid, nobody lit bonfires on Lag B'Omer but we shot bows and arrows in the park.
  9. Where was everybody in shul today? I went to my regular morning minyan and there were about 12 people there! Did the rest all go to Meron?

Feel free to add your own in the comments. I might add some during the day as I think of them..


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Re: Question #9..which park?

    I went to Eichensteins' tonight, no
    marshmallows or hotdogs, but Diet Mountain Dew and donuts from Tel Aviv Bakery.

    Good post!

  3. Rafi,
    Yerushalmi kids start collecting wood after peasach for the bonfire..

  4. By the way:
    We need a lag b'omer style purim.. 1 day in the rest of israel and 1 day just for meron!

  5. don't remember. maybe Lerner, or the one on Pratt (don't remember the name) near Sacramento. Maybe a different one...

    What did they have at Eichensteins? a bonfire?

    elchonon - I know. My kids did so as well and we made a small bonfire for our building before we went to the shuls big one. The question is where they got all this wood from! This is a woodless country. And you ridea of a 2 day Lag B'Omer sounds great to me.

  6. My own personal musing: How come we never got either bonfires or bows and arrows? (We always got balls and bats instead when I was growing up)

  7. Yeah, bonfire at Eichenstein's on Devon. I'll be posting about it within the next 12 hours.

  8. I have had the same exact questions. We did not do bonfires this year. My wife's family went, but my wife and i stayed home and relaxed. I think it was mostly becuase we didn't want to smell like fire and burnt wood, but also becuase i think it has gotten way too out of hand. While i know my wife was just tired, for me i was relieved. Every year i have this bad conflict within me of how can i go singing and dancing and listening to music when it is still sfira for me? I mentioned this to a few people. Some agreed with me, while one person insisted that we don't hold like the Rama (!). It seems every year Log B'omer is turning into a bigger and bigger holiday, and it's harder and harder to understand all the dancing and singing, when it is still sfira.

    By the way, we also had work, and 2 weddings, we only made it to one of them.

  9. Good questions and I saw kids with bow and arrows yesterday, at the park lol.


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