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Oct 25, 2007

another story laden with irony

This story was reported today in the Yisraeli newspaper.

Three criminals broke into the house of a Diamondaire. They knew the Diamondaire and his family were traveling abroad. They came to the house and got past the security guard by saying they were elevator technicians.

After pocketing the valuables, they got to work on removing the safe. They used a dolly to get the safe into the elevator (they were on the 9th floor of a building). As soon as they put the safe into the elevator, the elevator collapsed from the weight and they got an express ride to the bottom in a freefall.

They escaped leaving the safe in the elevator.

Ironic that they posed as elevator technicians.... God must have a sense of humor.


  1. I guess someone complained that the elevator was too slow...

  2. lol good story. Was that recent?

    At the risk of sounding coo-coo, since after sukkot, I have a feeling God is not as 'concealed' as before. not sure wassup.


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