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Oct 10, 2007

suicide on the side of the road

Last night at about 10:45 pm I was in a car home from a softball game, when we noticed unusual activity on the side of the road. We were approaching the entrance to bet Shemesh and just on the opposite side of the road there were about 20 or so Hatzalah guys searching in the woods and in the area of Nahal Soreq with flashlights. They had a number of cars and ambulances parked on the side of the road.

I called a friend of mine in Hatzalah (not Jameel, but somebody in Hatzalah Bet Shemesh) and asked what was going on. He told me that someone had called in to the police that they were in that area and they were going to be committing suicide. So Hatzalah and the police went down to look for them.

I do not know what happened (I might see him tonight in a little bit, if I do I will ask him).

I do not understand why people make such calls to announce these things. Do they really want to commit suicide? If they really did, they would just jump/shoot/hang/whatever and maybe leave a note. The fact that they called the police in advance sounds to me like they are really just looking for attention, and hoping somebody will say something nice to them to try to talk them out of it.

My guess would be that this person had no intention of committing suicide and just wanted the attention. It was probably a massive waste of Hatzalah/police resources.

The coolest part of it was that Hatzalah had a cool dune buggy at the scene. I wonder which volunteer gets the right to drive that thing around..... It is worth volunteering just for that!!!


  1. or he could have called in to tell them where the body was, but he didn't want to kill himself near people as it would be messy. My father once knew a guy who killed himself by shooting himself in the head. But he used a pillow on the other side so his wife wouldn't have to clean up his brains.
    On a lighter note, maybe ill join hatzala so i can ride the dune buggy thing!

  2. yes they really want to do it !

  3. by the way, i spoke with a friend of mine last night who is in hatzala and responded to the call. he said at around 7pm a lady called Ezra Rishona to say she was going to commit suicide by overdosing on pills (nice and clean...). Hatzala responded to the call by 830 and the police had found her cell phone giving off reception in the area of Har Tuv to the police station. Plus the signal was moving so she was walking around. They looked for her until 1200 when my friend and others went home.

    I was thinking about this last night. What a bizarre situation. The area from Har Tuv to the police station is not urban, it is industrial and forest. Why there? How does someone end up there? It was have been quite shocking for me to find someone either dead or dying next to a tree in a forest on the side of a highway. How do they end up there?....

  4. it's not necessarily wanting attention, it could be a cry for help. In many cases if a person is suicidal it's from a feeling of being insignificant. Many people are not "out there" and don't necessarily get noticed and kind of fall throughthe cracks of life. The call may not have been consciously to get attention, but rather to be noticed...you know what I mean? nuances, but different enough.


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