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Oct 21, 2007

they had no blood on their hands

It turns out that some Fatah people (I do not call them terrorists because the Israeli government insists that Fatah is more moderate than Hamas and a partner). tried to attack the Prime Minister's convoy when passing near Jericho on the way to a meeting with Abbas way back in August.

The article does not say how the attack was averted, but it does say the militants were arrested.

Israel is upset because the militants were recently released. They issued a "harsh protest" to the PA..

I do not see what they are so upset about. These are terrorists who do not have blood on their hands. The attack was averted. The Israeli government themselves would release such "militants" without a second thought, simply as a way to bolster the standing of the weak Abbas.


  1. I am saddened. This means that the reopening of the casino will probably be delayed.

  2. yonatan,

    that's ok. israelis who feel the need to fill the PA's coffers can just mail their checks directly to to abbas. i'm sure he will accept israelis' money this way as well.

  3. i once had a roomate, and whenever someone would say, do, or act in a way he didn't agree with, he would simply say: "He should be shot." For example, i would say to him: "so and so didn't pay rent yet" and he would reply "he should be shot."

    so here too i say: Olmert should be shot. Abbas should be shot. And anyone who releases arab terrorists should be shot.


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