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Oct 11, 2007

supermodel suing Israeli paper

Bar Rafaeli, the Israeli supermodel who lives abroad and recently chose to malign Israel in a couple of interviews in the foreign press, has come out swinging.

In reaction to her interviews in which she spoke harshly against Israel, the local papers wrote articles describing the interviews. Yediot Acharonot, Israel's largest paper, wrote such an article with the headline stating, "Bar Rafaeli against the State of Israel".

Rafaeli decided to sue the paper for damages claiming that such an inflammatory headline set off a fury of hate and animosity towards her.

I think Israel should counter sue her right back for the way she maligned Israel in the world press.

I am sure that her statements against Israel in major newspapers in Europe received much more exposure than a local Israeli papers reaction did. She probably did much more damage than the newspaper did.


  1. Usually, libel/slander suits require two things, malice and untruth, on the part of the slanderer.

    Since YNet's headline (Rafaeli against the State of Israel) was a simple restatement of her statements, she'd have to prove malice.

    It's one of those suits that ought to get thrown out.

    And on a sidenote, all supermodels should agree to frontal lobotomies and laryngectomies before making any statement to the press. I'm sure it would improve the quality of the statements given...

  2. I hate to raise a technical point (OK, I love raising technical points), she never said anything about the State of Israel. She said that living in New York is better than dying for Israel, that, as far as she can tell, there's no difference between Israel and Uganda (which, to be fair, is a geographical comment, not reflecting on the government), that she thinks Israelis have too much chutzpah, and other such nonsense. She never mentioned a word about the state.

  3. yoni - you are right. I wrote one title and then changed it but did not pay attention to the accuracy. I just fixed it.

  4. Sometimes I wonder why we need so many enemies? We don't seem to need any assistance in tearing each other down. What a mess.


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