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Oct 31, 2007

the newest Yigal Amir video (video)

About 2 weeks ago it was announced that supporters of Yigal Amir's release were beginning a campaign to raise awareness and support for Amir's release from prison. As part of the campaign they said they would be releasing 150,000 copies of a cd that would explain why the situation..

I got hold of a copy of the cd and present it to you here. Let's hear your opinion!


  1. I think you've been tagged..


  2. I hated rabin but its hard to feel bad for amir.
    shabak killed him and the usa did 911 to itself.....
    you never know

  3. Yigal Amir was sentenced to life in prison by a court. The video supports reversing that decision, by offering, inter alia, the following types of arguments:

    - reasons that Rabin should have been stopped;
    - emotional (showing his mother and wife, who can hardly be deemed to be adversely affected by his imprisonment, as she only married him once he was in prison);
    - showing that Yigal Amir thinks that the way to stop people politically is by killing them;
    - showing that Israel has released other murderers; and
    - showing that a lot of people want him released.

    Unfortuantely, none of these are legal reasons, as far as I know, to overturn a life sentence.

  4. Yoni – forget legal, they’re not even compelling.


  5. Just the few first minutes were enough for me.

  6. Rafi,

    Thanks for putting the video up.

    What's good about the video is that it reminds of of the hell that Rabin created for us in Israel when he brought Arafat and his henchmen here.

  7. Lenny Clarke - this was actually from 2006, right around the Gibson incident.


  8. May Hashem strenghten the hands of the righteous.

  9. They should let him out, give him weapons,money, large portions of Eretz Yisroel and the Noble Peace Prize.


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