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Oct 10, 2007

seizure on the train

There was a guy on the train (sitting not too far from me) this morning who had an epileptic seizure during the ride. He was smashing his head into the wall next to him. The person sitting near him called out for a doctor. People went scouring the train looking for a medic or a doctor.

None was to be found. They made an announcement over the loudspeaker but still nobody came forward. Plenty of people went over to help out with what they could. I preferred to stay in my seat because there was pretty much nothing I could to to help more than the 7 or 8 people who were already standing around him. I preferred not to stand around in the crowd because I do not like making these things into circuses with the poor victim as the sideshow, so I watched from afar (about 30 feet away).

After his seizure he went unconscious for a bit. When he came to he answered a few questions about who he is. He seemed kind of out of it.

The usher on the train called Magen David Adom in Ramle (the upcoming station), so they should be prepared with a team at the station ready to check him and take him to a hospital.

When we pulled into Ramle, MDA for some reason was still not there. They were just a couple of minutes away. When they came, they spoke to the guy. He answered one or two questions then went unconscious again. When that happened, they decided to take him off the train to a hospital.

He was a pretty big guy and they had a tough time carrying him off.

I hope he is ok. It seems this (having seizures on the train) has happened to him a number of times before, based on what other people said.

Kol hakavod to the kindness of all the people who did get involved and helped look for a doctor and those who tried to help in other ways.. There were all types of people helping out;men, women, religious, not religious.

The best thing of the whole story was that our train was "green lighted" all the way through our normal stops and delays. I think because of the incident we were a bit off schedule so they gave us priority through the various stops so as not to cause bigger scheduling mess-ups with other trains. This means our train came in today to the station only 8 minutes late instead of the normal 22 minutes late!


  1. Nothing this exciting ever happens on the Modiin train!

  2. Through my life there have been a few incidents like this, where i feel i should help, but standing there i'm concerned i will only be part of the oogling and looking on crowd. I have a vivid memory of a man in Mea Shearim who was trying to put something on the top of his car and was using one of the rubber things to hold it in place. Well the rubber thingy snapped and popped back right into his glasses lens, and i saw him holding his face in terrible pain. I stood for a second, unsure of what to do, until i saw a crowd forming and so I continued on my way. Times like that that i wish i took an emergency course to help people in those situations. To this day, i still feel terrible that I didn't run over to try and help. It reminds me of that biking accident i think you had here, about the guy who was killed at an intersection and no one helped.
    Still, I'm glad when people help. I'd like to think that i'm helping by not standing around sticking my face in.
    Hope the guy is ok...

  3. yoni - I told you not to move to Modiin!

    whats - I do nt recall that story, so I am not sure it was me who saw it... I have a horrible memory but that sounds like something I would probably remember.

  4. motorcycle in tel aviv highway with videotape of the guy dying and passing cars etc. nobody stopped.
    Solly G.

  5. that's right. now I remember the story!

  6. rafi, a bit tired? thanks anon...


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