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Oct 17, 2007

Mazel tov!

Mazel tov! It's a girl (they switched the blanket to the pink side only later, well after this picture was taken).
Another ugly member of the G family has come into the world at 4 am this morning (Israel time)!
Thank God she and Mrs. G are both healthy and doing well.


  1. mazal tov! more goldmeiers, does this mean a new blog page? I think you should make another blog, one for each child.

    much nachas...

  2. thanks..

    whats - they can't type (or write) in English.. would you read a Hebrew blog??

  3. Who are you calling ugly?
    You have to update your profile now. . . Mazal tov--you should have a lot of nachat.

  4. done. thanks for reminding me.... I might just re-write it one of these days to make it more interesting....

  5. mazal tov mazal tov!!!!!to the great parents and to all the familly!!
    lot of nahat and health for all of you!

    chava shmuuel and ora

  6. mazal tov!

    She looks exactly like you. :P

  7. I wont believe it till I see a kiddush.


    (With Scotch)

  8. מזל טוב!!!

  9. thank you all.

    anonymous A - go ahead. be in denial. will let you know when the kiddush will be. of course there will be scotch, but real men prefer bourbon

  10. Mazal tov!!!

    May you have your wife have much nachat.

    All our regards,

    Jameel & Co.

  11. Mazal Tov
    A sach nachas

  12. mazal tov! wishing lots of nahat!

  13. whoo hooo!!!

    another niece to teach all the stuff her parents won't. I love being an Uncle. Of course, that's why you moved so far away!

    so when can we expect to see her on the court for our family b-ball game? 2 or 3 weeks?

  14. מזל טוב
    שתזכו לגדלה ל(בן) תורה, לחופה ולמעשים טובים
    regards to Mrs. G.

  15. oh how special! mazal tov!!!

  16. Prayers have been recited in congregations throughout Israel that the baby end up looking like Shifra.

    May God hear our prayers.


    Bourbon is kitniot -- I'd rather not.

  17. amen!

    scotch is chametz gammur

  18. Mazal Tov!! What a cutie - I like the blue and pink blankie. I always think it's a mistake to put girls in too much pink right away -their pink/red newborn complexions get overexposed.

    Hey, you've caught up to Mr. Frumhouse's family - the magic number 7! Woo hoo!

  19. B"H You are not ugly.

    I know for a FACT that the "G" family is a beautiful Jewish Family, with parents who have yiras shomayim and ahavas yisroel raising their children in Aretz HaKoidesh to be the same as b'nei Torah

    ...and your wife just gave birth to a beautiful Bas-Yisroel.

    Mazel Tov, Ahi.

    (*Ashkinazy spelling used on purpose to show that some things are just not that important, in contrast to others.)

  20. mazel tov!!!
    may she be a Bas Talmud Chochem!!

    lots of yiddish nachas!!

  21. frumhouse - this blanket is one side the colors you see in the pic and the other side is exactly the opposite - a pink base with blue little symbols...

    ben-yehuda - thanks. very nice comment.

    nuch - thanks and amen.

  22. She's precious - may she bring you much nachas. Mazel tov!

  23. Mazal Tov.

    Of course there will be scotch, but real men prefer bourbon,

    This was clearly written under duress. ;)

  24. Pooh, pooh, pooh, she's even "uglier" than her bubbie tells me! Mazal tov!

  25. thank you all.

    therapy - you spoke to her bubbie? you mean oma... :-)

  26. A somewhat late Mazel tov - but sincere nonetheless!


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