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Oct 30, 2007

innocent childs question

I was just reading my 6 year old son a book. The topic of the book was a girl and her mother. The girl feels bad she has no father and she davens and sure enough her mother tells her that next week she will have a new tatty (that is the story in very brief).

When the book first mentioned that she had no tatty, my son asked me "How could she come out of the mommy if there is no daddy?"

It took me a moment to realize what he was asking... I then stammered and said "no, she had a daddy but he died and now she is sad because she has no daddy anymore..."..

Man, who thinks up these stories for kids??!!


  1. Heh! I guess kids are learning about things faster than we were when we were kids.

    It either means that the next generation is becoming a lot smarter, or that the "tried and true" filters from societies..er..answers are not as effective.

  2. This brings up an interesting discussion that i think about sometimes. My wife told me when she went away to high school, there were girls there who did not know where babies come from. They had absolutely no idea how the "process" happened, and didn't even know it involved men.

    How can people raise their kids this way? Getting married must be a traumatic experience for them.
    It should be good for you to know your kids are one up on some chareidi high school girls.

    It should be noted, that i dont believe all details need to be taught either. i do firmly believe that ignoring the subject, and raising ignorant children is straight incorrect and possibly setting them up for a dangerous psychological experience.

  3. These books are there as a comfort to kids in these situations. and also for the kids who know the children in the situations.

    for example, would I generally teach my children about what happens in divorce situations? no,because thank God I am happily married, but my daughter has a friend whose parents are divorced and the subject had to be addressed.

  4. Just wrote a post on this http://dreamsofwho.blogspot.com/2007/10/yes-chaim-there-is-no-tooth-fairy.html

  5. Is the book -- by any chance -- written by someone named Beckerman?
    Her books have way to many stories of charedi kids without fathers. Methinks that the writer is either divorced or widowed.

  6. anon - I checked and the book is by beckerman. good call!


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