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Oct 12, 2007

now American Football is in Israel!!

While rumors abound about whether or not the Israel Baseball League will be opening for a second season or shutting its doors, another American sport is trying to find its way in Israel.

American Football. That's right - tackle football.

The Israel Football League will be trying to draw the attention of fans and players who enjoy the hard hitting, bone snapping game and considered baseball too complicated and boring.

The Messiah did not come at the end of the Israeli baseball season, so he must have been waiting for an American football league to open up...


  1. Congratulations on the arrival of this fine sport to Israel! If I may say so, orange and white make lovely uniform colors....

  2. you may remember an attempt in the US to start the XFL and it failed miserably. I'm pretty it was because the players, who were all rejects from the NFL, didn't meet fans expectations, including bad passing and catching.
    I expect the same to happen here...


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