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Oct 14, 2007

was Moses a Hassid? (video)

Was Moshe Rabbeinu a hassid or misnaggid, and what brand of hassid? here is one opinion on the great debate....


  1. but what if he was mizrachi?

  2. Obviously Moshe Rabbeinu was:

    1. A Mizrochnik: He wanted to go live in Eretz Yisrael and was very upset when HaShem didn't allow it.

    2. A Missnagged: He learned and taught Torah; not shtus like that Chussid who believes that Monsey (or Kiryas Joel, etc...) is "IT".

  3. B"H (eyes rolling) You've got to be kidding. The sad part is that there are people out who really believe this stuff.

    What head covering did he wear? Gee probably something made of cloth. You think?

    Some kind of turban, cloth wrapped around, so it is affixed.

    Yeah, and how do we know that Ya'aqov Avinu wore a streimel?

    From the pasuq ...wayetze Ya'aqov me'ohalo.

    What? You think that Ya'aqov Avinu would go out of his tent w/o his shtreimel? (HW"H)


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