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Oct 20, 2007

the baby has a name

The baby now has a name.

It is (drumroll please..)

Chaviva Chaya (or of you are pedantic about the transliteration spellings from Hebrew to English that might be spelled Khavivaw Khayauo - correct me in the comments... :-)

Chaviva means beloved.
The Midrash says that all 7's are beloved (to God I guess). It goes through a whole list of 7's such as the 7th day being shabbos, the 7th month being tishrei (containing rosh hashana, yom kippur, sukkos..), the 7th land being Tevel (Eretz Yisrael) the 7th year being shmitta, etc..

This baby is our 7th child and she was born in a shmitta year, so Chaviva is appropriate.

Chaya was (one of) my Bubbys name(s).

The only question remaining is how to actually spell the name on the birth certificate and id card.. should it be Haviva Haya (as I prefer) or Chaviva Chaya (as my wife prefers)...



  1. If you're going to do that why not Aviva Aya?
    Solly G.
    p.s.-speaking as a ches name,I hate when people pronounce it "h".

  2. How about a compromise Khaviva Khaya? lol

  3. eh, either way is fine. Do it the RBH way, though! Hawiwa Haya, I think :)

    Mazel tov again!

  4. See what I miss when I stop reading blogs?

    Mazel Tov. May you, your wife, and new daughter all be well.

  5. anon - because aviva aya is wrong..

    miriam - hmmmmm

    tnspr - first of all that makes me think of borat (wawa wiwa), not something I would want to do on a regular basis. Second it is wrong because w replaces the "vav" not "veis"

    neil - you stopped with the blogs again? yet you are still here. was it just abreak or are you breaking the rules by commenting? :-) and thank you...

  6. What was your bubby's english name?
    If it's not to bad , maybe go with that.You can't imagine how hard it is to deal with people over the phone with a ches(or any unfamiliar spellinged) name.(what's your name again...how do you spell it...and of course they spell it wrong and have to remail it...)
    Solly G.

  7. MIRIAM:

    "How about a compromise Khaviva Khaya?"

    "KH" is generally used to transliterate kaf


    mazal tov. i didn't realize that israeli documents have english names.

    although i generally use "h" for het, i think that popularly most people use "ch." so i would go with "ch"

  8. As I understand it, a "chet" (or "het", or, more correctly, a "ח") is officially transliterated as an "h" with a dot under it. Without the dot, it's a "heh". Since you can't easily add the dot in the English documents, I would suggest doing "ch", which everyone understands.

    Also, and most importantly, listen to your wife.

  9. And Menachem Schneerson was the 7th Rebbe.


  10. We named our son Chananel, on the birth certificates and passports , it is Hananel. We are inconsistant when we write his name; we often write it with the "C" as I did above.

  11. mo'ah - some do use english, some do not. Things like drivers license (no need to worry about that yet) and passport use English... for example...

    our other kids who have the "chet" we have spelled with just an H. I like that spelling. I think we might do that now too.

    With all these problems of people pronouncing the chet, the solution is not to change the spelling but to ban names with "chet" in them.. :-)

  12. I like that. Names have meaning, and sometimes i feel like parents rely too much on whether or not it sounds good and less on what it means.
    kol hakovode.

  13. Congrats Rafi!

    Although you may want to go along with the wife on this one.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.



    I like your version better. Don't tell your wife!

  14. I think she might just notice when she sees the passport or birth certificate..

  15. B"H

    Um, where on earth did that "w" come from? Checking to see if yours truly is paying attention? ;-)

    I like your choice. You could add "h"'s cuz of the heh at the end.

    It's probably not on option, but you ask that the "h"'s be underlined or dotted underneath, which I believe is the international phonetic alphabet's symbol for the Heth.

    As I'm sure you are aware, "kh" generally stands for khaf.

    I too do not like when people pronounce the heth as "h." The solution? Pronounce it as a heth.

    Note: Blogspot comments do not allow for the html code for underlining.

    Please don't hold it against me, and once again, Mazal Tov.


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