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Oct 11, 2007

learning in your underwear

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This is really cool. The first hi-tech yeshiva! It was bound to happen eventually, and now it has.

Rav Chaim Brovender has differentiated himself from the pack of online yeshivas. They all offer shiurim for download, either in audio format for in text format. You can learn a lot from the various yeshiva programs that are online.

The Web Yeshiva, however, is the first fully interactive online yeshiva with classes that can be watched and participated in, live and online.

It is probably not appropriate, but I guess you could sit in your underwear at your computer with a beer and chips (not that I am recommending this of course - this is not an appropriate way to learn Torah or any discipline, but you could) log on to the WebYeshiva and get your full yeshiva program!
You can't really do this, because, if I understood correctly, you are on video as well. So you would have to do it like those online interviews where people sit in their underwear but also wear a shirt, so as long as they do not have to get up from their seat nobody can tell the difference!
Doesn't matter - you should be wearing underwear when you learn, but you should also be wearing outerwear!

The only question I have is what does it mean when he says "Separate men's and women's programs"? You and your wife cannot sit in the same room when you log onto the system? They are concerned about mingling between the sexes during class?

Anyways, I just got a note of their press release that was just released, and they are offering a free 14 day trial..

So, go check it out and learn some Torah..

----this was a paid advertisement-----------


  1. cute.
    This means some yeshiva guys will never really leave their bed... frightening...

  2. Although it is not noted in the post above, it appears that all of the links given are ad-links, for which Rafi G is presumably being paid some kind of referral fee.

    At least all of the other J-bloggers who made similar advertising posts noted this fact in their posts.

    For those interested, the direct link to the site is http://webyeshiva.org/

  3. that is true - it is an advertising referral. and I labeled the post under advertising for that purpose. I was told (in the past when I asked) that there is no need to make such a reference. I decided to label it as advertising.

  4. Where on the page does it say that this is an advertising post? Although you have a labels section many screens down on the right sidebar, it appears that your template is not set up to list the label in the post itself (though I think that even if the label was listed, the proper thing to do when pitching an item for which you receive compensation when people click any of the four links is to say explicitly in the post that this is an advertising post)

  5. btw, I checked my settings and it is set to display labels next to each post. why it does not, I do not know, and I had not paid attention to it until now.

  6. This part:
    The only question I have is what does it mean when he says "Separate men's and women's programs"? You and your wife cannot sit in the same room when you log onto the system?

    reminds me of the joke about the haredi wedding where everything was so separated that the bride and groom got married on different days.

    Seriously, it sounds like an interesting way to learn, especially for folks stuck off in the boonies, or traveling abroad.

  7. I spoke with Rabbi Brovender about it over Sukkot and it's NOT his intention that yeshiva guys never leave their beds or learn in their underwear. It's for people who otherwise wouldn't learn.

    This was the same, by the way, with him teaching women Gemara. For him, it was NEVER lechatchila. His position was that if he doesn't teach CERTAIN women Gemara, they'll end up at JTS. As a talmid of his, he was VERY happy when I married someone from a "traditionalist" seminary.

    And his kids are all very frum- chareidim.


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