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Oct 3, 2007

chumra of the week

I heard two chumrohs this week, that are new, at least they are new to me. They are also exactly the opposite of each other.

1. A woman who says she cannot eat mezonons outside of the sukkah. I never heard that before and it is unusual because women have no obligation of eating in the sukka at all, so I am unaware of any basis for such a chumroh of her refraining from eating mezonos outside of the sukka..

and the exact opposite chumroh is:

2. A woman who refuses to eat anything inside the sukkah. She thought that because she has no mitzva of eating in the sukkah, it is really prohibited for her to eat in the sukkah, I guess because of "bal tosif". I do not know if she does other mitzvos she is not obligated in like shaking the lulav, hearing shofar, etc..

1 comment:

  1. In yeshiva I recall them asking why is it allowed for women to eat in a sukka, isn't it use of the skhakh for non-mitzva purposes. (The skhakh is muktze and may only be used for the mitzva.) I forgot the answer, and apparently this woman doesn't like the answer.


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