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Oct 24, 2007

how ironic and funny

This story was reported this morning in the newspaper (I saw it in Yisrael Ha'Yom, maybe it was in others as well).

Some guy went to a mall in Rehovot to make some purchases. After driving around the parking lot and not finding any available parking spaces (my note: he probably did not find a spot within a certain range and did not want to walk from a more distant parking spot. There are almost always spots available) he decided to risk parking in a handicapped spot. He saw someone loading their car in a handicapped spot and waited for the driver to leave so he could park there.

When the driver finally pulled out, another car hurried to park there and got into the spot before the waiting car.

(let's call waiting car driver A and hurried car parker driver B)

A started screaming at B that he had been waiting for the spot. A verbal battle began. After some moments of screaming at each other B began to beat up on A. B hit A a few times until he knocked him to the ground. When A fell to the ground he began to kick him and hit him in a particularly cruel fashion (according to the witness).

At one point B's sandal fell off. He picked it up and began beating A (still lying on the floor) in the face with it.

The witnesses did not try to separate them and did not call the police or an ambulance. A security guard who noticed something happening at some point called the police.

A was sent to the hospital unconscious and badly bruised.

A and B, the two people fighting over a handicapped parking space, are both healthy men in their early thirties.

Looks like Driver A might even qualify now for a handicapped parkign space, after the beating he received.


  1. people do strange things when they let their anger get the better of them.


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