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Feb 1, 2012

Moshe Friedman of Bet Shemesh Speaks And Explains His Worldview (video)

The Channel 10 television show Hamekor last night ran an interview with moshe Friedman - the guy behind much of the fighting in Bet Shemesh.. It is in Hebrew, but with Hebrew subtitles and pretty simple and easy to understand..

It is a window of sorts into understanding, or at least hearing, their perspective. Friedman explains how the haredi community is harassed in a similar way to the way things happened in the holocaust, he claims no violence in bet Shemesh, he explains why anybody not keeping torah completely (I presume he means the way he does) is not keeping it at all...


  1. Contrast his statements to the latest ones of Rav Edelstein here.

  2. Love the juxtaposition of this creep's lie of "there's no violence" to the pictures of Mashiah's car!

  3. i liked the king koll commericial in the middle

  4. To be frank, the commercials are what stopped me from continuing to watch the programm. First men shaving with a mechanical razor, then a woman doing seducing things with her hair? I don't want to watch that, even if I'm very far from being a kannoi.

  5. i think each person gets different ads. I didnt see those (I dont remember what ads I saw when i watched it last night)

  6. I loved that the intro ad I saw was an AEO of a bunch of people in bathing suits! What poetic justice.

  7. Loved the point at 4 minutes where Moishele equated his community to arab terrorists. I agree.


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