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Jun 30, 2014

a savta wearing tefillin!

davening at the Kotel yesterday, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, I noticed that the Women of the Wall group were davening within the womens section, rather than in the plaza or in the new Azarat Yisrael. I also noticed, while I was there at least, which was only near the end of the WoW tefilla, there were no fights, nobody screaming at them or anything like that.

They seemed to be conducting their tefilla peacefully and undisturbed. I don't know if that is because their opposition has given up the fighting, if it was because they davened in the ezrat nashim this time, or if for some other reason, but I didnt see any of the fighting that was going on until recently.

Sure enough, I now see on INN that they conducted their tefilla in the womens section (it says 250 women were there!) as a show of solidarity and unity for the 3 abducted boys.

I was relatively impressed with how large a group they have davening with them. I was under the impression they have 15 or 20 people and then some more who came out to support them during the fights. On this relatively quiet morning, they must have had a group of 60 or 70 women (my estimate).

Funny comment - My 8 year old son came over to me, after he peeked at them through the mechitza, and said to me that it is so strange, a savta (grandmother) is wearing tefillin!

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