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Jun 30, 2014

Is Gideon Saar's kiddush cup half full or half empty?

Everything seems to be a matter of perspective. Is the cup half full or half empty.

Yesterday Minister of Interior thwarted the plans of the Municipality of Tel Aviv. After being shot down by the Supreme Court, Tel Aviv decided to create a new municipal law allowing certain types of stores to stay open and do business on Shabbos.

Despite the new law in Tel Aviv, the buck does not end there. The Minister of Interior, Gideon Saar, has "veto power" - Saar can overrule and overturn any municipal law.

In this instance, Saar decided to overturn part of the decision of Tel Aviv City Hall. While Saar approved the opening of some stores in the area of the Port of Tel Aviv and Port Jaffa and some other places, he overturned the section of the law regarding the opening of kiosks and markets around town.

What is interesting is how one website describes the decision as Shabbos is victorious, Saar decides markets won't open on shabbos in Tel Aviv... While another website portrays it just the opposite. While Gideon Saar has reportedly come coloser to religion, both keeping Shabbos and studying with rabbis, Kikar reports on Saar's decision as cynically pointing to Saar's personal adherence to Shabbos and saying he is closer to religion? Saar approves Shabbos desecration in port Tel Aviv.

Same story, two different ways of reporting it.

It is all a matter of perspective.

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