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Jun 23, 2014

Zumbathon overlooking Old City of Jerusalem tomorrow - unless....

The Zumbathon to beat all Zumbathons....

Where is Rabbi Wallerstein when we need him...

The City of Jerusalem has invited sports enthusiasts from around the country to participate in an unforgettable experience tomorrow, Tuesday June 24th. They expect 2000 people to participate in the Zumba marathon on the bridge (by Mamilla) towards Jaffa Gate, with the stunning view of the Old City and other nearby neighborhoods.. (details here)

The Director of Sport for the City of Jerusalem said that Zumba is very popular and they decided to take it out from the lessons in closed rooms out to the open air of Jerusalem.
(there will also be a "spinning marathon on the following two days, Wednesday and Thursday)
source: INN

Needless to say, this is upsetting a lot of people.

Rabbonim of Jerusalem wrote a letter calling upon Haredi representatives to act against these plans and against Nir Barkat, the "poritz". The letter says the poritz is out of control and is forcing us and people who go to the kotel and those who are in Jerusalem to see these things. Protect us and our kids, and immediately act to cancel it.
source: Bechadrei

City Councilman Aryeh King is also opposed to this event and said that they can dance at Teddy, by the "beach", in the Jerusalem Forest.. there are enough place sin the city that are airy. They don't need to upset and harm the sensitivities of the Old City and those who visit it...

Representatives from the municipality of Jerusalem responded saying that this is an event that has taken place annually in this location and is very popular among the residents. The event takes place on the porch above the Mamilla mall, where many other cultural events take place already for many years.
source: Kooker.

With different levels of Zumba being offered simultaneously, perhaps they should also offer a section for Frumba (frum zumba) or Jumba (zumba with Jewish music). With the "beach" nearby, they can even offer swimba (my made-up word), though there is no water at the beach, as far as I know.

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