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Jun 25, 2014

MK Zoabi gets kicked out of restaurant (video)

By now you have surely seen the video of MK Hanin Zoabi getting kicked out of a restaurant, and getting into a screaming match with the restaurant owner.....

in case you haven't, here it is:

Besides for this, there have been some other similar reports over the past few days of people getting into screaming matches with Zoabi when she appeared in various places, such as the supermarket and others....

Good for them. Let the people have their say. Maybe the Supreme Court did not let her get kicked out fo the Knesset despite her radical views, but that cannot stop the people from voing their opinion and lettign her know they won't accept her vulgar behavior.

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  1. which restaurant? i want to support it.

  2. dont know. in one article I saw it mentioned that it was aroma, but I dont know what city or branch. all the other articles I saw made no mention of what restaurant

  3. according to an article in Globes this morning, it was a restaurant in the Wadi Ara area, though it doesnt name the restaurant

  4. If the ARABS don't vote for her, then that would be something...


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