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Jun 22, 2014

David Blatt goes to the NBA!

Mazel tov to David Blatt and to the Cleveland Cavaliers...

Blatt, formerly the coach of the Macabbi Tel Aviv basketball team for the past four years, is the first israeli, actually the first foreign coach, to become head coach of a team in the NBA..

the Israelis are taking small steps to a successful takeover of the NBA... now we have 2 players on NBA teams and a head coach...#justkidding

I wish Blatt well, and I hope he can bring some success to Cleveland... I do find it hard to believe, as successful as he was in Europe and Israel, that he can coach a team n the NBA.. the level of play in the NBA is entirely different to Europe and Israel.. but I wish him luck...

maybe in his spare time he will check out Telshe Yeshiva!

this is definitely a BDS fail!

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