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Jun 17, 2014

Neturei Karta and the three abducted hostages

I am a member of a couple of Neturei Karta email lists. I used to be curious and wanted to see their crazy announcements, so I joined these groups.

I kind of lost interest in them a while back, but I never unsubscribed. I usually just dont open their emails - unless something about the subject line piques my curiosity (which does not happen all too often)..

Yesterday it happened. I received the following from the NK email list:

as you can see, the subject says "beseech for mercy - the 3 hostages". I was curious. I admit. The Neturei Karta not defending the Palestinians but showing mercy for the abducted Zionists? I was curious.

I opened the email and its attachment...

sure enough, they are not asking for mercy or for prayers for the abducted Zionists... but for 3 of their people sitting in the Zionist jail - 3 people who were abducted and taken hostage by the Zionists.

maybe the Neturei Karta should also adopt the hashtag for their campaign... #bringbackourboys

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  1. All they are interested in is "tzumi".

  2. FYI: one of the "captives" is guilty of attempted murder (!), and another tried to spy on Israel for Iran.

  3. Look on Kikar Hashabat website to see R. Shternbuch's recent comments. NK I believe is a member of the eda.

  4. This makes me want to throw up.

  5. I actually felt warm in my heart and showed this to someone to show her the strength of Jewish unity... then I read better and I wanted to cry

  6. I thought that Neturei Karta were too "frum" to touch the Tamei internet and Email (Chas VeShalom; tu, tu, tu ...)

    1. People regularly say that but I am not sure what it is based on. Nk is against Zionism, I have no idea what they think about the Internet

    2. Point taken. However, I just assumed from their general stance of claiming to be more "frum" than everyone else that they probably consider internet, et al, as forbidden; but, as you point out, I could be mistaken, since I, too, do not remember any explicit statements from NK on the topic.


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