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Jun 18, 2014

MK Slomianski votes on budgets all alone, again (video)

Just last week MK Nissim Slomianski led his Knesset Finance Committee through voting on hundreds of millions of shekels, while he was alone because the other MKs showed up late. The other MKs were enraged by this, and Slomianski was even warned by legal counsel not to do that again as though it is legal, it would upset the others.

It seems Slomianski feels it is more important to teach them the lesson, because just the other day Slomianski did the same thing again. Slomianski approved 20 billion shekel, all by himself. This time, though, as one can see on the original video, the voting was almost 20 minutes in, not just moments after the start of the poorly attended meeting.. it seems like they show up late to their meetings all the time...

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  1. Great!

    Hope he keeps doing it.

  2. Good for him. In Hebrew, "Zmanim hem zmanim"


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