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Jun 26, 2014

Dairy or Pareve, your guess!

kashrut issues always interest me, and here is an interesting labeling snafu..

it was probably just an oversight, but labeling discrepancies are sometimes of the funniest and most interesting problems out there. I am all for awareness, so pay attention to your labels.

This label appeared on some sort of baked good item:

if you dont see what I am referring to, notice that the Rabbanut declares the item to be pareve, while the writing under the address declares that the Badatz certifies it as dairy. which is it? who is to know...

update June 27, 2012:
it seems the issue has been resolved. the label was a mistake. the item is dairy..

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  1. Since it contains ריבת חלב, I'm guessing that it is dairy.

  2. Perhaps but I think there is more pareve ribaat chalav in the supermarkets than dairy ribat chalav


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